About Me

I live outside of Boston and worked for fifteen years as a Congressional staffer and public policy analyst before I became a journalist. Many of my jobs have involved explaining complex technical subjects like nuclear waste management to people who care about the topics but aren't scientists.  Thanks to my time on Capitol Hill, I also have lots of experience writing about politics and public policy.  As a parent, I understand the value of a clear message ("Because I said so"), and like all Red Sox fans, I keep my focus on long-range goals.

I graduated from Williams College and earned master's degrees at the University of North Carolina (political science) and Harvard University (environmental policy).  My first freelance sale was a "My Turn" essay for Newsweek in 1991.  I continued to write for newspapers and magazines for more than a decade while I worked as a Congressional aide, lobbyist for the Union of Concerned Scientists, director of a project on nuclear policy at Harvard
University, and energy/climate change analyst with Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM) in Boston.  Click here for my resume.

As a freelancer from 2004-2015 I wrote for more than 60 newspapers, magazines, and web sites and produced web copy, case studies, and other communications products for nonprofit  and government clients.  Now, as an editor at The Conversation, I commission and edit articles by academic experts on environment and energy topics.

I also blogged for Annenberg Learner, a website that provides multimedia resources for teachers, and reviewed books for SEJournal, the member magazine of the Society of Environmental Journalists.  I've covered topics including energy, climate change, organic food, agriculture, land and wildlife conservation, waste management, and earth science, in formats ranging from news reports to service articles, detailed features, and book reviews.  It's a great time to be covering humans' relationship with their physical environment, and an opportune moment to think about how we can have a good life without leaving a lesser world behind.

"When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water."
-- Benjamin Franklin